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Kar Menn Chong

Slim Boss

" I was struggling to lose weight and tried literally everything... until I met David. He really helped to set realistic goals, map out my journey and provide fun training sessions. I'm on my way to becoming a Slim Boss thanks to David. "

Rina Saad

Muscle Boss

"I've been training with Ahlam for a few months already. She is very calm and supportive when i'm struggling, but also drives me to the max when I'm feeling up for it. Since training with her, I've managed to gain a lot of strength... I can now carry my groceries without stopping every 2seconds, Thank You!"

John Tan

Slim Boss

“Attention to detail, very knowledgable, great support. Matthew has been with me every step of the way. I'd definitely recommend Matt for anyone with a tight schedule and needs to achieve results, fast! ”




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